Online Tutoring Experience - 1 Years


S.No Grade Subject Profile
1 Classes 11th -12th For high school students, Humanities subjects pose a difficult problem: they don\'t understand functioning of socio-political institutions as focus of schools is mostly diverted towards scientific subjects. however, students still need to learn humanities for wholesome learning. To resolve this problem, my experience with Civil Services Examination will come be useful for students as I can place things in a broad picture after which students won\'t have to learn anything in a rote fashion and they would also be able to understand what\'s going on around them - what exactly is government doing, how elections work and relevance of these events with their life. I\'m abreast with current happenings and get students interested in the same so that we can engage in lively discussion that will enliven the learning experience and henceforth, Humanities subjects won\'t bother high school students anymore.
2 Classes 11th -12th Calculus I have studied Calculus throughout my Honours degree and applied it further in Civil Services Examination. This gives me an understanding of the problems that students face in Calculus while in high school. With this experience, I wish to help students learn Calculus by not only by practicing certain techniques using forumulae but also make them understand the physical meaning of various these forumlae so that they realize the relevance of Calculus in real life and thus are motivated to pursue it.
Charges: $ 5 - $ 15 / hour
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