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Tutor 1 For GRE & GMAT1.I am worked as a Quantitative aptitude trainer (GRE,GMAT Quant/ Verbal)The Princeton Review2.I have handled online classes for 11+ UK based grammar entrance exams3. I am experienced in handling GRE, GMAT quantitative and reas

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Personal Description: I am Ritesh I am extremely enthusiastic and passionate about teaching with a very patient attitude who believes that most difficult of things can be explained in simplest of ways. I truly believe that everyone has got A*s in them which can be attained with a little guidance and hard work. In addition I am conscientious and enjoy the satisfaction of helping someone improve and achieve levels of attainment that they did not think they were capable of doing. Tutoring Experience: I started teaching six years ago and gradually started getting a lot more students than I had anticipated mainly because of my methods and explaining the most difficult areas in simplest ways. I use everyday examples to explain difficult topics and have taught students from a wide range of background for many examination Boards ; As well as this I have also tutored students who are home schooled. I do past papers with students from the last 10-15 years and I make sure that my students knows all the exam solving techniques thoroughly and have complete knowledge to master the subject. I have taught more than 350 students ; majority of my students (85-90%) are achieving A grades Tutoring Approach: I like to tailor my tuition depending on the student's individual needs as I understand and respect that each student is unique. The first step I take in my approach to tutoring new students is to understand and assess their strengths and weaknesses. I use different styles and methods of teaching depending upon the student's ability and attitude. My main method is to first listen to the student's problems and help them to come to the correct solutions making sure that they understand and are involved in each and every step. I give my students the necessary confidence to ask me questions without any hesitation and often use everyday life experiences to explain subjects. I am inclined to use the reduction method . i.e. breaking down a large problem to small parts in order to make it understandable when I feel it's appropriate . This method is particularly effective when dealing with problems in maths and the sciences and I have seen remarkable results in students when using this approach. I have learned through my tutoring experience, the main reasons why students achieve lower grades are lack of knowledge , lack of exam practice, lack of time management skills during an actual exams and practice to recognize keywords/key sentences in exam questions. All these factors lead to LOWER SELF CONFIDENCE. So I would put lot of emphasis on the above factors in my tutoring practice to give the maximum opportunity to my students to attain an A grade because I am not willing to settle for less Parents Feed backs From Philippa (5/5): ( GCSE Science) So far great. My daughter loves him, emerges enthused and with pizza, and got an A* in a subsequent test after just one session. Clearly the thought of Ritesh was sufficient! From James (5/5): ( AS Math ) My daughter and I have been extremely impressed with Ritesh. He is very friendly, warm, reliable and has excellent knowledge. Ritesh took Melinda from 55 to 87%. I highly recommend Ritesh to anyone wishing for immediate success and boost in confidence. From Monica (5/5): (A level Math ) We just started tuition for my 15 years old son and he already got an A* on his test!. We are really glad we found you Ritesh. Monica From Wajeeha (5/5): (AP Math ) Ritesh has an excellent teaching style, he is willing to explain things multiple times, never gets impatient and it shows that he really cares about you so happy to have found him, I would definitely recommend him. From Norman (5/5): (AP Math) Ritesh is my hero he is a life changer I could never have imagined getting the grades I got but he trusted my ability, gave me confidence and encouraged me each week I owe this to you Ritesh. From Kanchan (5/5): (Further Mathematics and Math ) Ritesh is an excellent tutor who helped my son on Maths and Math . He developed a wonderful rapport with him which made the tuition more enjoyable. Thank you Ritesh for all you help From Robin (5/5): (AS Math ) Excellent tutor who knows how to deliver results my son Fred (A in AS Math ) was struggling with a few chapters in Math . Ritesh went through all the past papers and was always ready to answer any questions anytime through WhatsApp. text messages and phone calls we are very thankful for all the help.we received. From Emma (5/5): ( GCSE Math and Maths) Just checked my results and yes its an A* in Math and A* in maths thanks Ritesh could not have done it without your untiring efforts anyone who is reading my feedback this man is pure gold! NEET story: In India I majorly teach IIT-JEE Math/ Pre -Medical (NEET -Math & Physics ) for competitions as part of my regular Teaching job in IIT- JEE and NEET training institute. My batch has selection ratio 33% in all India Chart for NEET and JEE -Mains ( JEE Advanced which IIT the ratio is 9.5% ). I offer Crash course in Math as I take Math Crash course every year for my institute students. So I can help any student to complete the whole syllabus within a time frame of 1.5 month -2 months ( Refresher course ) 1 month Exam Cracker course. I also do regular Math course tutoring for 11th graders and 12th graders. I usually handle 8-9 batches(120*9 students) every years and teach them Math. Tutoring in the level of Pre-medical/ Pre-Engg standards for Math will considerable help every kid not only to cover boards as well as help them prepare for competitive exam at the same time so they ready for competitive exam at end of 12th std and will be able sit & having a good chance to clear the competition level Exam with decent ranks. In case your the requirements is a perfect match to my profile as a tutor & you are satisfied then u are free to contact me for further discussion . In case of Trial request, it can happen on Sat or Sunday evening


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