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Dr Uma Sharma Dr. Uma Sharma I have total 24 years experience tutoring in Chemistry. I have taught Chemistry to students in various star star star star star
Ayushi Ayushi Two years experience teaching Biology. I have been conducting online tutoring for students all across the globe. star star star star star
Najma With both B.Sc and M.Sc degree in Chemistry, I am fully qualified to teach Chemistry at all levels. star star star star star
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Students Reviews person Kunal

Good session, on time and very useful with teaching and feedback.

person Nicole

Even in a short time we covered many topics, and I came out of the session feeling much more confident in my class! Uma is very nice and explained things clearly and thoroughly.

person Sahithi Garimella

I thought the session was very nice and informative. I understood the concept well due to clear explanations.

person Pragyanjyoti

I understood very clearly of the subject.

person Shrestha

Dr. Sharma was very helpful in finding out my level of understanding on the topics.

person Vansh Machiwal

It was beneficial for me to learn more about naming organic molecules.

person Sanjana

The session was very helpful, Thank you very much!

person Soumyajit

Dr. Sharma is an excellent teacher. We really like her methods of teaching.

person Pragyanjyoti

I like that you went into depth in the concepts, because my teacher in school doesn't do that.

person Weiam

Thank you, I will be joining your tutoring.


Learned some niche facts about a common concept.

person Harini

The explanations were short and precise and they were very helpful. The organization is really good.

person Pragyanjyoti

I like the class it was good. And I hope this class can help me on my journey through AP Chemistry.

person Ansam

Dr. Sharma in her trial session was very thorough, clear, and methodical. She’s also very encouraging and interactive with the students.

person Mehr

Ms. Uma has made me really interested in Chemistry while we were doing the AP Curriculum. learning from her was what sparked my interest in chemistry and keeps me motivated to keep on doing it and keep on leanring & going deeper.

person Sayukta

Overall, I liked the session since it made a topic that was strange at first a lot clearer. Once I have more of a hang of the topics going on in my chemistry class, and a better understanding on what will be on my tests, I think the transition will be much easier in the tutoring sessions. I want to also try a group session to see how that transition is, and to see what kinds of topics they are covering.

person Charitha

The session was good.

person Hanisha

Dr. Sharma, was very helpful she answered all my doubts in ideal vs gas law concept and made it crystal clear. She is amazing at explaining concepts in such a way that students will forever remember and I am very lucky to have found an amazing tutor that cares for hers students and makes AP Chemistry a fun and exciting journey.

person Indu

The way the topics were explained was really helpful. I was able to understand it.

person Prithika

The session was very helpful

person Anika

Anika was Away today but can start tomorrow

person Balakrishna

Its pretty good. I had no understanding about he mole concept at the beginning of the class. She helped me understand it step by step. Now I understand it pretty well.

person Sivani

I enjoyed the class and the examples were great. I liked the format and it was very interactive so I was able to get my mistakes corrected

person Srikar

You did a great job explaining the concepts with me and really made sure I was engaged.

person Riti Tandra

I liked how we defined each term before we learned about it. The equation of n=M*v was very helpful. I better understood titration with acids and bases.

person Ria Tandra

Explanation of acids/bases was really good and I understand the topic better now.

person Jasmine

I love to learn chemistry from Dr. Sharma. She is patient and explains concepts well.

person Trace

Dr. Sharma was very clear in explaining the topic and was able to answer questions well.

person Sathya

Session was informative and taught me a lot about chemistry topics.

person Mehr

It was a great class - it was great to learn about integrated rate laws and was a fun challenge for me. Chemistry is always very fun with Ms. Uma.

person Sushama

very good class. informational

person Ashwin

Very nice and informative

person Monisha

The way of teaching is really understandable and Mrs. Sharma makes sure that the student is understanding the concept

person Trace

I had a wonderful trial lesson with Dr. Sharma. She gave me a lot of advice about what books to use for MCAT study. Highly recommend.

person Bhavya

All the material was explained very well and I was able to easily understand any concepts I was unsure about. Dr.Sharma taught in a simple yet effective manner and allowed me to learn everything properly.

person Rohan

I felt that the class was helpful and relearned things I had forgotten about chemistry. Teaching was easy to follow and easily digestible.

person Sathya

The session was informative and taught me about the basics of chemistry that I needed to know in order to build a good foundation to start my journey and to prepare for more advanced learning. Topics were taught in a well paced, easy to learn way.

person Monisha

The class was great. Mrs.Sharma has a great teaching style which helps the student think in a logical and organized way.

person Vamsi

The way of teaching really helped me understand each topic better especially the 3-D models which helped me visualize everything better.

person Hanisha

Demo Class was excellent, as the communication and explanation of "Significant Figures" topic was taught well and was easy to understand. I specifically liked that there was practice questions and repetition and that my errors were explained and corrected.

person Laasya

The session was very good. The class is very interactive, and Dr. Sharma makes sure that you understand the concepts by doing questions together. This really helped me apply everything that I learned to my homework and tests.

person Rachel

Dr. Uma was very patient and taught the subject very well. I was able to understand everything and enjoyed the session a lot.

person Lakshya

Sorry Dr. Uma, Lakshya has high fever today, therefore could not attend. Unfortunately, he could not cancel this session today as it was within 24 hours.

person Vamsi

The class was very helpful and I learned a good amount even from the short time we had. The way she explained everything to us and made sure we understood everything at the same time was helpful.

person Siddharth

She explained concepts very thoroughly and helped me through some of my misconceptions. Great session with lots of learning!

person Nandana

The teacher was really nice and I was able to understand the concepts as well as ask questions with ease. The teacher was willing to answer every question and was very easy to talk to, this was a good class!

person Monisha

It was really good. Mrs. Sharma went through everything in a way where I could understand very well.

person Sumitha

it was effective

person Kunal

I have really enjoyed all 3 sessions that I have taken so far. The way Dr Sharma explained all the topics was excellent and I felt that I thoroughly understood all the concepts. I also liked going through the practice problems together and I can't wait for the next session!

person Yashita

I really liked how you knew what I was struggling with, right when I asked my question. You are able to catch on to my weakness very well, and explain in a simple way. I think I learned a lot and will probably continue.

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